Sperm Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

Beautiful trips yesterday with 4 sperm whales, 25 harbour porpoises, 50 white sided dolphins, puffins and bald eagles.

We have been experiencing the effects of post tropical storm Dorian since yesterday evening. We had gusty winds and rain over night. The gusty winds have continued today but it is bright and sunny. The boat is safely on the trailer in the parking lot so we do not have to worry about her riding out this storm on the water. So far, it looks as though the worst of the storm will pass to the west of us and we will only get the outside bands of the storm. Let’s hope that the projections are correct. This storm has caused major damage everywhere it has made landfall so far and our thoughts are with those who are left trying to get things back to normal in the wake of this storm. Particularly in The Bahamas where this storm has had the most devastating impacts.

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