Rolling With A Fin Whale

A fun filled day with 4 minke whales, 1 fin whale, 1 humpback whale, bald eagles, gannets, guillemots and murres.

The fin whale actually got a good look at us and rolled onto its back, pretty cool! Fin whaled are not really know for this kind of behaviour so it was really interesting to see it. In the picture below, notice the eye just at the water’s edge right behind the white.

In the photo below Captain Kris capture the fin whale rolling over. On the left of the photo, notice the edge of the tail with its underside now facing the camera. That beautiful clean edge of the tail is so very different than the serrated trailing edge of a humpback tail. Then on the right hand side, you can see the edge of the pectoral fin just peeking out of the water. Very few ever get to see this much of a fin whale.

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