A fun trip today with 4 icebergs, 4 caribou, 8 harp seals, bald eagles, puffins, gannets, guillemots and murres.

There has been a small group of caribou in the western head area for years now but they are rarely seen, unless you live in Tickle Cove and Red Cliff. Apparently they move into the community form time to time, likely to avoid predators. It is such a treat to see them.

The winds have finally let up enough for us to get out to the “dirty” iceberg off of King’s Cove. There are lots of theories about where the sediment on the berg came from. Was it something that the glacier had picked up that got trapped under layers of snow and ice? Is it volcanic ash? Is it something that the iceberg itself has picked up in its travels and as it has melted, it has rolled over and exposed it on the surface? It is difficult to say. There are large bolders so its unlikely that it is volcanic ash. In some areas it looks to be several dump truck loads of this sediment piled on. The only way to know for sure would be to get samples and try to figure out the origin of that particular sediment. If only these bergs could tell the story of their travels.

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