Week in Review

For those who follow along with our regular posts, you will notice that we have not done a post for over a week. Our computer crashed and anything that was difficult to update via an iPhone didn’t happen. But we are back now.

It’s been a busy week of whale watching. The capelin have FINALLY begun to roll in the Trinity area. They are great looking capelin and the whales have been very busy feeding. We have witnessed lots of lunge feeding this week as well as other behaviours like tail lobbing, flipper slapping, and breaching. The last two days were spent in Bonavista Bay away from the high winds on the Trinity Bay side of the peninsula.

We were also involved in a pretty exciting photo id discovery this past week. There will be a more detailed post about that once everyone involved can agree on how to share the information.

We are bracing for hurricane Chris which is now expected to POSSIBLY hit us as a post tropical storm on Thursday evening and into Friday. This storm has along way to go and so much can happen in a few days, it is likely that it will fizzle out once it reaches colder water.

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