A WOW day with 10 humpback whales, 4 minke whales, 5 fin whales, 8 orcas, 12 white beaked dolphins, 30 harp seals, bald eagles, puffins, gannets, guillemots, and murres.

Witnessed a group if Orcas killing a minke. It is fascinating to see the apex predator in action but difficult to watch them kill. Not only did they kill the minke that we saw, but also a fin whale calf earlier this morning. The mother of the calf was all alone this evening doing very deep dives off of Bonaventure Head. She must grieve the loss of her calf. We were so excited to see a fin whale calf as we don’t see very many. It is important to remember that Orcas cannot get their meat from a fast food restaurant or grocery store, they need to live too. But sometimes it is hard to watch.