Beautiful Bergs

We have done two more trips. One yesterday where we managed to see 25-30 icebergs, 200-300 harp seals, gannets, guillemonts, puffins and bald eagles. During this trip, we managed to catch up to a migrating humpback whale. This was most likely one of the scouts that are typically young whales who are scouting out the best restaurants.

On today’s trip, we saw 20 icebergs, murres, guillemonts bald eagles and another single humpback. This whale only showed its tail once and unfortunately, we did not get a shot of it. It’s always nice to get those tail shots and then have a look to see if it is a whale that we have seen before.

First Trip of The 2015 Season

Yesterday marked the first trip of the 2015 season! It’s so exciting to be getting started again after a very long winter. Everything seems a little late this year as it was a long winter and has been a slow spring. There is still pack ice in the bays! We saw 9 incredible icebergs on our trip yesterday with gannets, guillemonts and bald eagles. It has been so cold, the eagles are not even sitting on their nests. We have had reports of sperm whales and humpbacks in the area but didn’t see any while we were out. Early in the season, the humpbacks are usually younger whales that we calls scouts, scouting out the best restaurants for the year. They typically don’t hang around long. We do know that the humpbacks have left the southern breeding and calving grounds and are well on their way so it shouldn’t be long before we have more in the area! Our hydrophone is broken so we couldn’t even listen for sperm whales yesterday but there’s another one on order and with any luck, we will see a sperm whale before too long!

Last fall we filmed a “Whale Tale” video with a film crew for Newfoundland and Labrador tourism. It came out last week and we are so pleased with how it turned out. You can watch it by clicking on this link.

Whale Tales – A Mug Up To Remember

I look forward to sharing the day to day events here with you during the 2015 season.